McDonald’s Incident: Man Tackled and Arrested Following Confrontation with Police

A tense encounter unfolded at a local McDonald’s on April 16, 2024 when Chillicothe Police apprehended a man who brandished a firearm at individuals outside the establishment before entering the restaurant, despite being previously banned.

Responding to a call about a suspicious individual at the McDonald’s located at 40 North Bridge Street, officers identified the man as Noah Richards. The caller reported that Richards had threatened two people with a gun before proceeding inside. It was also determined that Richards had two outstanding warrants from Ross and Pike Counties.

Upon arrival, police officers commanded Richards to surrender by placing his hands behind his back. Defiant, Richards attempted to flee but was quickly tackled by the officers. He continued to resist, refusing to comply until two officers managed to secure his arms. Officer Joshua Wright sustained a knee injury during the scuffle, resulting in swelling and pain.

Bystanders witnessed Richards discard the firearm during the confrontation. Police later retrieved the loaded pistol, with a round in the chamber, near the restaurant’s registers. Security footage confirmed that Richards had tossed the weapon while being subdued.

The situation escalated further when, according to the police report, Richards mentioned ingesting fentanyl while being transported in an ambulance. Following medical clearance, Richards was set to be transported to Ross County Jail. He faces multiple charges, including obstructing official business, resisting arrest, carrying a weapon under disability, escape, trespassing, as well as addressing a misdemeanor warrant from Pike County and a felony secret indictment from Ross County.

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