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How to take Mcdvoice Survey ?

If you had recent purchase receipt in your hand, we shall give the complete instructions on how could you take the mcdvoice survey by following our simple guide.

Share their valuable opinions and feedback helps them to know about their food. Every restaurant like McDonald’s wants to know about customer satisfaction level with their food and services. Your Feedback could help them to improve their food and services. Based on your opinion, either they could alter the food quality and implement new products in their menu to enhance the customer satisfaction.

Even positive or negative feedback, give the honest opinion based on the customer experience you had at the restaurant. A great way to measure satisfaction at the moment when it’s most memorable for a consumer to express their thoughts on the food they had and give suggestions on food quality improvement.


What is MCDVoice ?

MCDVoice is a McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, created to gather insights directly from customers in its official website www.mcdvoice.com

How often can you take Survey at MCDVoice?

The Survey can be taken at MCDVoice whenever you get the printed receipt from McDonalds.

Is there limit for participating in the survey ?

You can allowed to participate in five survey’s per month per restaurant

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