Uber Eats Glitch Results in Empty McDonald’s Big Mac Box, Leaving Customer Speechless

Imagine the anticipation of an Uber Eats delivery bringing your long-craved meal, only to be met with an empty box upon arrival. This was precisely the bewildering situation faced by a woman who ordered her favorite McDonald’s meal through the app.

In an unusual technical mishap, the Uber Eats app glitch led to the deselection of every ingredient in her Double Big Mac burger. As a result, McDonald’s staff, adhering strictly to the order, delivered precisely what was requested: a completely empty box. The customer, identified only as Mel, took to Facebook to share her perplexing experience, posting, “There was a glitch in the Uber Eats app, and somehow it deselected every ingredient. Macca’s staff must have thought I was cooked and just sent me an empty box.”

Accompanying her post was a photograph of the receipt showing the removal of all standard components of a Big Mac—no sauce, onions, pickles, seasoning, cheese, lettuce, meat patty, or even the bun.

Dubbed “The Emperor’s new burger” by online commenters, the incident sparked a variety of amused reactions. One keen observer noted, “Technically, there should have been one patty in the box. There are two all-beef patties, and the instructions only remove one.”

The situation, while frustrating, also generated a wave of humorous comments. Phrases like “The new Big Mac Air” and “#cleaneating” trended among responses. Another joked about a “randomized diet mode,” while others empathized with the humor of the situation before acknowledging their disappointment.

The final word from one of the commentators summed up the sentiment: “I’d just be speechless. I’ve placed my order and waited for delivery, and I’m back to where I started—with no food.” This bizarre experience highlights not just a peculiar glitch but also the unpredictable nature of our increasingly digital world.

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