McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in America since its establishment in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald, San Bernardino, California. They began as a hamburger stand. The first time when the Golden Arches logo was introduced by a McDonald’s franchise was in Phoenix, Arizona in 1953. It is the world’s leading restaurant chain that sells burgers to over 69 million people across more than 100 nations globally. McDonald’s also serves cheeseburgers made from delicious chicken products and fries with breakfast items lemonades, smoothies, wraps and desserts.

Objectives Of The McDVOICE Survey

Some specific objectives are listed below for this survey on customer satisfaction:

  • McDonald’s understands that a customer is his emperor while constructing a company.
  • In this way, the management team of McDonald’s can use this MCDVoice survey to improve on services as well as food quality of their respective outlets.
  • McDonald’s cares about what people think of them. The complaints in their survey help the company improve things for customers.
  • They want folks to rate their visits so they can keep quality and satisfaction high and after you eat, they give you a chance to review everything from the food to the service.
  • The main goal of the survey is to see if your last time in the restaurant was good or bad. They’ll ask how you liked the food, drinks, employees – all of it. You take the survey online at their website.
  • Every opinion matters since it helps them make things better. That’s why they put the survey out there.