Gunshot Victim Fights Off Carjacker and Subdues Suspect at McDonald’s, Nashville Police Report

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A violent carjacking incident unfolded late Wednesday at a South Nashville McDonald’s, leaving a suspect on the run in a stolen vehicle and a local man injured, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

The drama began just after 10 p.m. at the McDonald’s located at 2212 Nolensville Pike. Police reports indicate that a male suspect approached the drive-thru and demanded a car from a male driver. When the driver resisted, the suspect resorted to gunfire, shooting through the driver’s side window and striking the man in the jaw.

Despite his injuries, the driver managed to flee the scene in his vehicle. Moments later, he witnessed the same assailant trying to hijack a Nissan Cube from a woman in the parking lot. In an attempt to intervene, the wounded man drove his car into the suspect, trapping him momentarily between the two vehicles.

In the ensuing chaos, the woman managed to escape her vehicle via the passenger side, while the suspect climbed into her Nissan and fled the scene. Authorities report that the suspect is likely to have sustained serious injuries in the incident. He remains at large, and investigations are ongoing.

Police are currently searching for a dark-colored Nissan Cube, which is believed to have significant damage to the driver’s side door. Authorities have also reported that the man who suffered a gunshot wound to the jaw is expected to make a recovery.

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